Face lift

Face lift

As you age, your skin will gradually become wrinkled, loose, and flaccid which can greatly affect your appearance and damage your self-esteem. But nowadays it’s possible to achieve a face looking 3 to 5 years younger. Facial lifting surgery (lifting the skin), by removing excess fat, tightening the lower muscles and stretching the skin of face and neck, reduces the symptoms of aging. This surgery can be performed at any age. With most experienced plastic surgeons in the field of facial lifting, the most equipped clinics and a great track record in economics, Iran can be the best option for this procedure. Having the most experienced plastic surgeons in the field of facial lifting, well-equipped clinics, as well as being more economic than anywhere else, Iran can be an excellent option for you in performing this surgery.

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Why Iran

Why Iran

Why Iran

For those who are more looking for a suitable destination for health or beauty services, it is important more than anything to have the right doctors, hospitals and well-equipped clinics and advanced medical equipment and this is exactly what is totally available in Iran. Using the best services along with visiting unique historical attractions and outstanding climate is the reason why hundred thousands of health tourists choose Iran as their destination every year.

Why Avicenna medtour

Why Avicenna medtour

Why Avicenna medtour

At Avicenna medtour we take care of your concerns. Free consult in your language, finding the right doctor and well-equipped hospital, coordinating hospital affairs, booking a hotel, providing you an interpreter, transportation, travel or anything you might need, we are professional in providing it. We do not consider you a customer, you are a new member of our family ,So your only concern with us is to enjoy the trip ...

Cost of medical services in Iran

Cost of medical services in Iran

Cost of medical services in Iran

Medical and beauty services have always been known for being expensive and rare. But we are going to introduce you to a place where you won't have to wait in long rows and with surprising prices but at the same time providing very high quality of services . All you have to do is to compare the prices of our services with others, you will be definitely amazed. Just request a free consultation to find out the price of our service or free consultation.

Face lift

What is face lift?

Face lift is one of the rejuvenation methods that has recently attracted the attention of many people around the world. Face lift or skin lifting and rejuvenating is most commonly used to remove wrinkles and to rejuvenate skin. Dr. Anurag Agarwal, member of the Society of Aesthetic plastic Surgery, believes that facial cosmetic surgery  including face lift, is one of the best suggested methods to increase the attractivity of the face and to get rid of wrinkles developed due to aging and that Iran is one of the best countries in the world to have skin cosmetic surgery. Face lift or Rhytidectomy is done through surgical and non-surgical methods and for treating the skin of those whom their skin has become loose and hanging severely due to aging though surgical method is more popular since that Rhytidectomy surgery has more effects and its effects last more. Rhytidectomy (face lift) can make one look up to 10 years younger and prettier.  This procedure is usually done for those between the ages of 40-60. Extra facial fat is removed in the face lift, and the doctor reduces the wrinkles through tightening the facial and neck muscles and increasing their strength.


What factors affect the outcome of face lift?

To answer this question it can be stated that the result of face lift procedure depends on factors such as age, sex, skin elasticity, and subcutaneous muscles in different people. One can never expect the results of face lift to be the same in different people.


Is face lift a permanent procedure?

Face lift surgery has long lasting effects but it is not permanent and the effects decreases with time. However, it can be expected that there will be no need for reoperation until 10 years after having face lift surgery. Plastic surgeons consider the age of 50 as the best time to have face lift surgery.


The procedure of face lift surgery

Face lift surgery can be performed under local or general anaesthesia.The duration of this surgery is 1-3 hours. In this procedure, the surgeon makes a tiny incision in the temple area and near the ears, lifting the facial skin and removing excess fat by a suction device and therefore repairs the loose areas of the face then pulls back the wrinkled and hanging parts of the skin to their previous position and tightens the subcutaneous muscles in different areas of the face in case they are loose. Eventually, the skin is returned to its previous and original position and sutured with absorbable and small suture threads, including monocryl,in other words, the wrinkled facial skin will be pulled close to the ear. About the incisions in face lift surgery, we should mention that the surgeon makes the incisions around and close to the ear to be hidden among the hair which means that the incision made in the front part of the ear goes down and warps around the auricle and ends behind the ear.


Am i a good candidate for face lift surgery?

Generally, anyone who suffers from wrinkles, looseness, and severe sagging in their face can be a good candidate for face lift surgery.

Surgeons consider the following items in order to qualify one for facial lift surgery:

  • Deepening of the fold of skin from the side of your nose to the corner of your mouth
  • Loose skin and excess fat in the neck area
  • Deep cheek wrinkles and loose and sagging skin of the cheek
  • The procedureof face lift surgery


Preoperative care of face lift

  • Taking shower the night before surgery
  • Not having any make up on the face when in surgery
  • Avoid taking medication such as Ibuprofen , Indomethacin ,Mefenamic acid and Aspirin for one week before surgery

Face lift

Postoperative care of face lift

  • Swelling and redness in the surgical site is normal for 48 hours after surgery and you don't have to worry.
  • It is normal to experience some numbness in your face after surgery which will subside few weeks later.
  • Facial stitches will be removed about one week after face lift surgery .
  • Exercise is allowed approximately 3-4 weeks after surgery.
  • It is essential to rest in the first few days after surgery and to not do heavy activities.
  • To be cautious when doing various facial movements including chewing.
  • Apply sunscreen and avoid sunlight until full recovery of the surgical site.


Face lift complications

Generally face lift surgery is considered a a low-risk procedure , but as with any surgery, one may have some side effects , such as:

  • Hematoma (collection of blood under the skin)
  • It is more common in smoking patients and those suffering from hypertension
  • Damages to the face nerves
  • Temporary hair loss which occurs as a result of decreased blood supply to the hair follicle

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