In most cultures protruding, asymmetrical, overly large, or congenital defective ears can cause anxiety and discomfort to those with these traits. These problems can be resolved by an ear treatment procedure called Otoplasty. For this reason, many people tend to do Otoplasty, or cosmetic ear surgery. Children who are constantly bullied by their classmates for their ears, adults who are tired of the lowered self-esteem due to their ears, or those whose ears are damaged by an accident are just a few examples of people who can get help with Otoplasty. This surgery in Iran has a history as long as advent of nasal and facial plastic surgery and can be easily performed with local anesthesia in the clinic

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Why Iran

Why Iran

Why Iran

For those who are more looking for a suitable destination for health or beauty services, it is important more than anything to have the right doctors, hospitals and well-equipped clinics and advanced medical equipment and this is exactly what is totally available in Iran. Using the best services along with visiting unique historical attractions and outstanding climate is the reason why hundred thousands of health tourists choose Iran as their destination every year.

Why Avicenna medtour

Why Avicenna medtour

Why Avicenna medtour

At Avicenna medtour we take care of your concerns. Free consult in your language, finding the right doctor and well-equipped hospital, coordinating hospital affairs, booking a hotel, providing you an interpreter, transportation, travel or anything you might need, we are professional in providing it. We do not consider you a customer, you are a new member of our family ,So your only concern with us is to enjoy the trip ...

Cost of medical services in Iran

Cost of medical services in Iran

Cost of medical services in Iran

Medical and beauty services have always been known for being expensive and rare. But we are going to introduce you to a place where you won't have to wait in long rows and with surprising prices but at the same time providing very high quality of services . All you have to do is to compare the prices of our services with others, you will be definitely amazed. Just request a free consultation to find out the price of our service or free consultation.


Beautiful and fit ears with otoplasty

If your ears figure makes you uncomfortable every time you look at yourself in the mirror and your self confidence has reduced don't worry, Otoplasty (cosmetic ear surgery) in the most equipped clinics by the most talented plastic surgeon and fantastic price is waiting for you!

Ears are part of anyone's face that play a critical role in understanding the world around.

Ear is consisted of two inner and outer parts. Inner part is responsible for hearing sounds and balance and outer part is responsible for gathering sounds from the outside

Plus , outer ear or Auricle forms a part of the face beauty


What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty or ear cosmetic surgery is a sort of cosmetic surgery which one can change the size or the shape of the ears.

having this surgery and therefore having fit ears increases self confidence in anyone specially in kids and teenagers whom might be subject for bulling because of the bad shape of their ears or if someone's ear got misshapen due to an accident.


For what cases we consider doing Otoplasty?

Otoplasty surgery can be useful in cases when the ear is misshapen due to birth defects or injuries of all kinds, below is some of the examples for this ear disorders:

  • Cagot ear : not having Auricle
  • Microtia: underdevelop and small ears
  • Macrotia : overdeveloped ears
  • Hidden ear : absence of a part of the cartilage behind the ear
  • Ear cleft : troughs in the Auricle
  • Lop ear : ears bending severely forward

All the above are defects which can be easily treated by ear cosmetic surgery.


Am I a suitable candidate for Otoplasty?

Otoplasty surgery is sorted as permanent cosmetic surgery. If you feel bothered by the shape of your ear in a way that :

  • it's too prominent (Bat ear)
  • it sticks out too far from your head
  • it's asymmetric
  • it's abnormally big or small
  • it's too dangling
  • you have lost a part of it due to tumor or accident

In a way that decreases your self confidence and you feel embarrassed by its appearance, you can easily change it to your ideal shape by ear cosmetic surgery. Usually ears complete their growth at the age of five therefore Otoplasty can be done after the age of five.


What's the procedure of the Otoplasty surgery?

Otoplasty surgery can be done with general or topical anesthesia .

Doctor discusses the type of the incision with the patient.the incision of the Otoplasty can be at the back of the ear or in the front of it. Usually in most cases incision is made at the back of the Auricle so there would be no scar after the surgery. After cutting the skin the surgeon can access the cartilage of the ear and can easily apply the desired changes of the patient in it. Finally he\she would finish the surgery with cosmetic sutures that are not visible. Duration of Otoplasty surgery is 1-2 hours and after full recovery there would be just a very small scar of the stitches at the back of the ear. A very important note about Otoplasty is that it does not affect one's hearing at all. Otoplasty has a very long history in Iran and Iranian plastic surgeons considering the modern methods and with outstanding knowledge of plastic surgery were able to perform ear cosmetic surgery in the very best way that there is no visible scar of the stitches though the result is noticeable and astonishing. Full recovery after the Otoplasty can be expected around 4-6 weeks and the final results can be noticed.


Preparation before and after Otoplasty

Before Otoplasty

  • Choosing an experienced surgeon: the most important note in plastic surgeries is choosing skilled and professional surgeons.one of the main reasons for choosing Iranian Doctors for different kinds of plastic surgeries is their outstanding skill and their talent in plastic surgery.
  • stop taking medications like Aspirin or ibuprofen two weeks before the surgery
  • stop using tobacco and alcoholic drinks two weeks before Otoplasty
  • the night before surgery Dinner must be a light meal and patient fast for 6-8 hours
  • it is mandatory to have a shower before surgery and to shave the hair at the back of the ear


After Otoplasty

  • using Antibiotics medication under Doctor's observation
  • must not press ears when sleeping
  • starting exercises and sports after the Otoplasty under Doctor's observation
  • swimming is not allowed for two months after surgery
  • ears bandage must not get wet under any circumstances
  • do not use medication like ibuprofen for two weeks after surgery


Otoplasty risks

  • infection and bleeding in the ear (though it's rare)
  • suture tear
  • ear asymmetry after surgery
  • numbing in the ear's skin
  • skin inflammation of the ear


Why Iran is a suitable country to do Otoplasty surgery?

Iran is well-known in the medical field around the world and has always been considered as the leading country in plastic surgery in the middle East and whole world. Because of The high amount of plastic surgeries done in Iran , Iranian doctors have reached unique level in performing different kinds of plastic surgeries in a way that Iran is ranked in the first countries in the plastic surgery field in the world. Very Equipped clinics and plastic surgery centers and Iran's beauty in nature and a lot of historical attractions has persuade patient tourists from all around the world to Iran in order to make their trip more beautiful by enjoining the beautiful nature of this country along with having cosmetic surgeries in the most equipped and modern plastic centers and clinics in Iran.


Cost of Otoplasty in Iran

The high cost of medical services has been always an obstacle. It's interesting to know that the cost of Otoplasty in India starts from 1600 dollars and in turkey it's 1800 dollars and it raises in different centers. If we compare the cost in European countries such as Germany the cost is 2800 to 3600 dollars and in US it's 3500-4300 dollars. While it's about half of this price in Iran. In addition to the cost of the surgery, the cost of residency and living is mandatory to be considered that with considering all of this information Iran is a golden destination for Otoplasty surgery.


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