A small cavity formed on cheeks while laughing is called dimple or laughing cavity which medically is caused by a sort of malformation or defect of muscle. This muscle defect is known as a symbol of beauty amongst people. Even young girls or boys with an ordinary appearance, look very beautiful and attractive to others by having dimples on their cheeks. Though only 20% of the world's population have the chance to enjoy it. if you are not among these lucky people you’d better know that having dimples is no longer a wish, because you can get this dimple cosmetic surgery. Too many people have done this surgery and have achieved successful results.

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Why Iran

Why Iran

Why Iran

For those who are more looking for a suitable destination for health or beauty services, it is important more than anything to have the right doctors, hospitals and well-equipped clinics and advanced medical equipment and this is exactly what is totally available in Iran. Using the best services along with visiting unique historical attractions and outstanding climate is the reason why hundred thousands of health tourists choose Iran as their destination every year.

Why Avicenna medtour

Why Avicenna medtour

Why Avicenna medtour

At Avicenna medtour we take care of your concerns. Free consult in your language, finding the right doctor and well-equipped hospital, coordinating hospital affairs, booking a hotel, providing you an interpreter, transportation, travel or anything you might need, we are professional in providing it. We do not consider you a customer, you are a new member of our family ,So your only concern with us is to enjoy the trip ...

Cost of medical services in Iran

Cost of medical services in Iran

Cost of medical services in Iran

Medical and beauty services have always been known for being expensive and rare. But we are going to introduce you to a place where you won't have to wait in long rows and with surprising prices but at the same time providing very high quality of services . All you have to do is to compare the prices of our services with others, you will be definitely amazed. Just request a free consultation to find out the price of our service or free consultation.


What is chick dimple?

Cheek Dimple is caused by the paralysis of one of the facial muscles called the buccinator muscle. This hole can be seen when one smiles.having dimple has always been considered one of the standards for face beauty since the old times, and it is thought that those having dimple have a higher fortune than others. Even today, most people tend to have cheek dimple, which is very easy to accomplish today with medical science progress. smile itself is beautiful, but the smile that comes with two small holes on both sides of the face looks more beautiful. Some people have dimples from the moment they were born and it's congenital and some tend to have dimples by surgery. Dimple plasty is one of the newest medical cosmetic procedures that can make dimples on the cheeks .This surgery is very popular in Iran, and every year many people specially young girls are candidates for this surgery. In the following article, we will introduce you to the surgical procedure, conditions and cost of this procedure.


How cheek dimples procedure is done?

This can be done outpatient and using local anesthesia.The duration of the operation is about 20-30 minutes.The anesthesia required for this procedure is local anesthesia,but general anesthesia can also be used in case of Doctor's discretion or patient's desire. Oculoplastic surgeon coordinates the dimple area with you by a special marker. Surgeon makes a small and round incision in the cheek on the buccinator muscle using a special tool (biopsy punch) and removes some of the fat and muscle tissue of the cheek in a small circle shape. Then he/she stitches inside the cheek using absorbable sutures. Doctor operates all the procedure in your oral cavity and there won't be any scar of the incision or suture outside on your face.


Preoperative care of Dimple plasty

  • be fasting at least 6 hours before surgery
  • stop smoking and consuming alcohol 2 weeks before and after surgery
  • stop using blood diluent medications such as Aspirin for a week after surgery
  • oral health care one week before and after surgery to prevent infection


Postoperative care of Dimple plasty

  • tactile sensation may not work well until anaesthesia wears off completely.
  • use ice compression to control pain and swelling in the first 24 hours
  • avoid hard food for 5 days after surgery
  • use mouthwash for 2 weeks after surgery
  • light exercise is recommended for 3 days after surgery


Complications of Dimple plasty procedure

  • there is a possibility of infection ,bleeding,pain and swelling in the operated area such as any other surgical procedure
  • it's normal to have bruises after surgery and will recover in few days after surgery
  • not having dimples after surgery which requires another surgery


How long does dimpleplasty last?

After surgery for a short time, Dimples are present in both rest and facial motion, but it gradually disappears from the static position and only appears during smiling. Dimples langtitude is mostly permanent and There is no need for restoration.


Am i a suitable candidate for Dimpleplasty?

This procedure is operable for everyone but it may not come out with the desired results in those with very fat faces. If you have a good general health and think realistically about the outcome of this procedure, you can be a good candidate for this surgery.Dimpleplasty is performed in a very larger number in women.


Why Iran is a suitable place for dimpleplasty?

When it comes to cosmetic surgeries, Iran is named as one of the most advanced countries in the cosmetic medicine. Iranian's desire to become more beautiful and to perform a large number of cosmetic surgeries in Iran has made Iranian doctors uniquely specialised in cosmetic surgeries and beauty procedures in all of the world . Every year, many people visit cosmetic centers, hospitals and advanced surgical clinics in Tehran, Iran's capital and other major cities, including Isfahan and Shiraz to have dimpleplasty with a cost of much less than the rest of the world. This is a very obvious reason for those interested in cosmetic surgeries especially dimpleplasty to travel to Iran. The cost of dimpleplasty in other countries, including India, is about 1000-1800 dollars and in Turkey is about 1400-2000 dollars . Also, the cost of dimpleplasty in European countries such as Germany is about 2000 and in USA it's about 1500-2500. This means that the cost of dimpleplasty in other countries is at least 2 to 3 times higher than Iran. That's why many foreign travellers choose Iran as a very suitable destination for a variety of cosmetic surgeries, including dimpleplasty , so they utilise advanced medical services in addition to visiting many other natural and historical sites in Iran.


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