Many people are dissatisfied with their chin shape and they believe that their chin need to be reshaped by a surgery because it does not fit in well with other parts of their face and that it is in an inappropriate position (protruded or intruded in comparison with its appropriate position), or because it’s swerved through an accident. Nowadays these surgeries can be performed through a procedure called gynoplasty, which is performed to resolve chain defects and to angle it.
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Why Iran

Why Iran

Why Iran

For those who are more looking for a suitable destination for health or beauty services, it is important more than anything to have the right doctors, hospitals and well-equipped clinics and advanced medical equipment and this is exactly what is totally available in Iran. Using the best services along with visiting unique historical attractions and outstanding climate is the reason why hundred thousands of health tourists choose Iran as their destination every year.

Why Avicenna medtour

Why Avicenna medtour

Why Avicenna medtour

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Cost of medical services in Iran

Cost of medical services in Iran

Cost of medical services in Iran

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What is genioplasty?

Genioplasty is a chin cosmetic procedure that aims to enhance the appearance of the chin, such as advancement and addressing chin disharmony.

Genioplasty surgery can be performed through different methods, including:


  • Bone graft genioplasty (Sliding Genioplasty)
  • Asymmetrical chins surgery
  • Chin implant

Genioplasty surgery is considered a permanent cosmetic procedure.Most people are throughly familiar with blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty surgeries among the facial cosmetic procedures, but genioplasty is a less known cosmetic procedure that has a major impact on improving one's appearance. Genioplasty amazingly improves the appearance of one's face and side view altogether. Although the main place to perform this surgery is the chin area, performing this surgery helps enhancing the symmetry and beauty of all of the face. Those who have a congenital receding or small chin or have a structural defect in the chin area can make positive changes in their maxillofacial area through genioplasty surgery. The procedure of genioplasty (chin enhancement) varies based on patient's condition and jawbone position, but the general structure of the genioplasty surgery involves breaking the chin bone and then reforming it to the desired shape.


In the following we're going to discuss some types of chin surgical procedures:

Types of genioplasty surgery

Bone graft genioplasty ( Sliding genioplasty)

Bone graft genioplasty (sliding) is one of the most common types of genioplasty. This method can be used to increase or reduce the size of the chin and correct chin position.In sliding genioplasty surgery the chin bone is broken then moved backward to reduce the size of the chin and moved forward to enlarge the chin.They also move the chin downward to make the face and chin longer and move it upward to round the face.


Asymmetrical chins genioplasty

The chin may develope asymmetrically as a result of prenatal developmental abnormalities or changes caused by improper tooth growth.The problem of asymmetric chin can be fixed through the complicated chin enhancement surgery. Of course, this surgery must be done by a highly experienced doctor. It should be noted that this surgery and all the surgeries related to chin repair are performed in the best possible way in the specialized centers of Iran by expert and experienced Iranian doctors.


Chin implant

Maxillofacial surgeons as well as plastic surgeons can make the chin position more balanced and attractive by using special implants. Implants are made in various types with silicone. Surgeons change the chin position and subsequently one's face through using an implant with proper structure and size in one's chin.Using a chin implant to increase the size of the chin is very popular. The surgeon inserts the chin implant in front of or below the mandibular bone using a cut into the soft tissue and mouth and causes a large change in the structure of the chin.


Preoperative care of genioplasty

  • Choosing the best doctor and surgeon to get the best possible results
  • Taking ultrasound image of patient's maxillofacial
  • Stop consuming alcohol and smoking cigarette and water pipe ( hookah ) for at least 3 weeks before surgery
  • Stop taking some medication including Aspirin and anti-inflammatory medication for 3 weeks before surgery
  • Taking blood tests and checking patient's heart status before surgery
  • Disinfecting and cleaning the surgical area using mouthwash


The procedure of genioplasty surgery

Genioplasty surgery can be performed under general anaesthesia . The duration of genioplasty surgery varies from 1 to 4 hours depending on patient's chin position. The surgeon begins the operation by cutting through the patient's gum inside the lower lip so that he/she can have full access to the patient's chin area.Then it is time to break the chin bone. The chin bone is cut by a special saw to be broken by the surgeon and moved to its correct position in different parts of the chin. This is done by the surgeon in a controlled manner in specific areas of the chin to make a beautiful chin structure. Doctor enhance and corrects patient's chin structure by increasing and reducing the size of the chin and correcting its position then fixes the chin bone in its place using special screw and metal plates. If the operation is done using implant, After opening the surgical area , the doctor will use special implants to form the chin. At the end, all the incisions of the genioplasty surgery that are made in the mouth are stitched with absorbable suture threads to create the smallest possible scar.

Am i a good candidate for genioplasty surgery?

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your chin and facial shape and this has reduced your self-confidence in your life, you can easily solve your problem by having genioplasty surgery in Iran. If you are interested in having this surgery , you should know that the following conditions are necessary for this operation:

  • to have full knowledge of genioplasty surgery and realistic expectations of the outcome
  • General anesthesia is required to perform this surgery so one must be totally physical healthy.
  • If one suffers from high blood pressure or angina (chest pain), it is not recommended to have the surgery.
  • One of the requirements for this surgery is to quit smoking and not to use alcohol Because it can decelarate the wound healing process.


Postoperative care of genioplasty surgery

  • The duration of Hospital stay after genioplasty surgery is 1-3 days.
  • Use cold compress to reduce swelling and bruising of the surgery area
  • Use oral antibiotics for 2 to 3 days after surgery
  • Using mouthwash (Chlorhexidine) is essential for post-operative mouthwashing and disinfection.
  • Heavy excersize is not allowed for up to 4 to 6 days after surgery.
  • Bruising and swelling of the area is normal until the first few days afterwards and disappears within a few weeks.
  • Bruising and swelling of the surgery area is normal for the first few days and disappears within a few weeks.
  • for at least one week after surgery, the patient should consume liquids and watery foods that do not require chewing.


Genioplasty complications

  • Infection in the surgical area
  • Damage to the sensory nerve of the lower lip
  • leaving scar in the mouth


Why Iran is a suitable place to have genioplasty surgery?

The field of maxillofacial surgery began in Iran in 1969. Over the years, Iranian physicians and surgeons have been able to perform a variety of oral and maxillofacial surgeries, including treating various congenital and infectious defects, developmental and maxillofacial disorders, trauma, and various types of aesthetic maxillofacial surgeries, including genioplasty and by that placing Iran among the world's top countries in the field of maxillofacial surgery. Genioplasty surgery, like other maxillofacial surgeries, is performed by Iranian physicians and specialists in the most well-equipped centers of maxillofacial surgery in Iran. The high skill of Iranian doctors in performing facial cosmetic surgeries has led many people from neighboring countries and other parts of the world, including Europe to travel to Iran for maxillofacial treatments in addition to Iranian as if receiving the best possible medical treatment at the specialist medical centers by Iranian doctors in addition to a memorable trip to a beautiful and historical country.


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