Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation

Having augment lips has always been an attractive feature, and many men and women with thin lips want to have augment lips to enhance their attraction. Lip augmentation can be performed both surgically and non-surgically worldwide, but Iran is top ranked in terms of quality of lip augmentation and Iran contains the most experienced specialists in the field. On the other hand, the cost of performing this procedure in Iran is much more cost-effective than the treatment in countries such as Australia, England, USA and Turkey. Because you may be confused about choosing the most experienced physicians and health care professionals in augmenting your lips, our company can save you from the confusion of choosing the best clinic and hospital and can introduce you the highest quality healthcare centers.

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Why Iran

Why Iran

Why Iran

For those who are more looking for a suitable destination for health or beauty services, it is important more than anything to have the right doctors, hospitals and well-equipped clinics and advanced medical equipment and this is exactly what is totally available in Iran. Using the best services along with visiting unique historical attractions and outstanding climate is the reason why hundred thousands of health tourists choose Iran as their destination every year.

Why Avicenna medtour

Why Avicenna medtour

Why Avicenna medtour

At Avicenna medtour we take care of your concerns. Free consult in your language, finding the right doctor and well-equipped hospital, coordinating hospital affairs, booking a hotel, providing you an interpreter, transportation, travel or anything you might need, we are professional in providing it. We do not consider you a customer, you are a new member of our family ,So your only concern with us is to enjoy the trip ...

Cost of medical services in Iran

Cost of medical services in Iran

Cost of medical services in Iran

Medical and beauty services have always been known for being expensive and rare. But we are going to introduce you to a place where you won't have to wait in long rows and with surprising prices but at the same time providing very high quality of services . All you have to do is to compare the prices of our services with others, you will be definitely amazed. Just request a free consultation to find out the price of our service or free consultation.

Lip augmentation

What is lip augmentation ?

Lip volumizing or lip augmentation  is a cosmetic regenerative method to improve the condition and beauty of the lips. Undoubtedly , lips are one of the most effective facial features of any person. The beauty and freshness of the lips always make the face look more beautiful. Lip care is a constant concern for most people, including women.Almost everyone likes to have well formed, full and beautiful lips. Using a variety of dermal fillers to increase the fullness of the lips is very popular today. There are several types of dermal fillers which increase the volume of the lips by injecting them into the lips.


The most common dermal filler used today for lip augmentation is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic is a natural substance that increases the volume of various parts, including the lips. Using collagen, fat and various prostheses in the lips for lip augmentation is also common. But the most popular way to volumize the lips is to use hyaluronic acid gels. However, the use of hyaluronic acid filler gels (AHA) is not permanent and is considered a temporary method to volumize the lips.The effects of lip fillers vary from about 3 to 6 months and eventually the gel is absorbed into the human body. fat injection lasts longer and may last for about 1-2 years. Much longer duration of effects is reported with lip prosthesis .


Why Using gel fillers for lip augmentation is more popular?

It is easier to inject gel than other methods, and it is more likely to create an even texture in the injection area by using this method. The doctor has better control over the volume of substance injected into the lip. In case the patient is not satisfied it is much easier to reverse the procedure to the pre-injection shape than prosthesis or injection of collagen and fat because hyaluronic acid is easily absorbed by the body. The transformation in the form and shape of the lips can be seen immediately after the injection, and the injection can be done in stages until lips reach the desired volume and shape. The amount of swelling and bruising in this lip augmentation method is much lower than other methods. Because of the natural nature of these filler gels, the possibility of allergic reactions after injection is very rare.


Using fat for lip augmentation

Fats are also one of the skin fillers that are widely used to form different parts of the body including the lips. In this method, specific volume of subcutaneous fat is removed through liposuction for injection to the desired areas. Extracting one's own fat may bring the possibility of patient's allergic reactions to the injection to zero. After the fat is removed, the doctor injects the purified fat through a very thin tube called the cannula, with local anesthesia to the lips or anywhere desired. The swelling and bruising of the injected area is more than other methods and the amount of swelling in the area may remain for up to two weeks. Due to the possibility of swelling and asymmetry in the injected area, especially the lips, the received reception of fat injection for lip augmentation is less than natural gels. However, if your doctor is highly skilled, using the body fat injection method for lip augmentation is more reasonable since it lasts longer and is less expensive than other methods.


Using prostheses for lip augmentation

Prostheses have also been a regular option for resizing and shaping different parts of the body. Of course, the use of prostheses for lip augmentation is much less common than other methods since the applicants of lip augmentation tend less to have a foreign body in their lips. Prostheses are a type of artificial and silicone fillers that have a very high persistence and can be implanted through simple surgery anywhere in the body. The possibility of infection and complications from the presence of foreign bodies in the body such as allergic reactions to the use of prostheses is higher than other lip augmentation procedures.


Am i a good candidate for lip augmentation?

  • To answer this question you need to answer another question. What is the reason behind your desire to do lip augmentation?
  • Are you looking to make yourself happy or attract others' attention?or it is necessary for you to have this cosmetic procedure?


What is most important is to choose professional and high skilled doctor as well as using standard fillers.

For many years lip augmentation has been performed in Iran in a variety of methods by top cosmetic and plastic doctors. If you have reached a final decision to do this cosmetic procedure, remember that the technique of performing this procedure is very important. So be careful with choosing your doctor.

Lip augmentation

Preoperative care of lip augmentation

You must have complete physical health and stop smoking and consuming alcohol and drugs as well as in other cosmetic procedures. If you have any of the following, it is not recommended for you to have lip augmentation :

  • Having an active infection such as herpes
  • Diabetes
  • lupus
  • vascular diseases
  • sensitivity to lidocaine


Postoperative care of lip augmentation

  • Do not apply water to the surgical area for at least one day
  • If you have a dressing on the lips, try to keep it clean
  • Putting makeup on the lips , including lipstick is not allowed the day after surgery.
  • Using cold compresses to reduce swelling in the surgical area is allowed by the doctor's opinion.

Lip augmentation complications

  • Bleeding in the injection site
  • Swelling and bruises in the injection and surgical site
  • Redness and sensitivity to the injected substance and prostheses
  • Blisters or various types of herpes in the lip area
  • Asymmetric lips after injection
  • Infection
  • Excessive hardness of lips
  • Allergic reactions to the injected substance
  • itching around the lips

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